Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wind Chill

Another in my public service series. This time on temperature. I guess you could call it a pet peeve of mine when radio stations broadcast "Wind Chill" temperatures instead of thermometer temperatures. For example, Colleen Jones on the national CBC morning report calling the wind chill number the "real temperature".

Wind chill temperatures are lower than the thermometer temperatures because they indicate what it would feel like if you were running around outdoors in the winter WITH NO CLOTHES.

Given that I never do this, I would appreciate it if you could just give me the real temperature, then tell me the wind speed and direction.

I do understand the need for radio and TV stations to make their broadcasts more exciting, but seriously, you are getting a lot of people confused. Now they think water freezes at a higher temperature if there is wind, and all sorts of nonsense.

Wind Chill temperatures have no meaning unless you have bare skin exposed to the wind. If it's -10c and there's a wind blowing, a parka hood works well at keeping the wind off your face. Invented by Eskimos and still the best!

ANSWER TO YESTERDAY'S QUESTION: 251 km before it reaches the border. (Sorry I forgot to include the speed of the plane in the question, as many of you will know it is impossible to answer the question without it. So it's 2137 kph.)

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