Saturday, October 5, 2013

More About Hollywood Stuntz

This is a follow up to my comments on the Hollywood Stuntz.  This time, the website "Slate" has put up a page with this misleading headline.

"Yes, “Motorcycle Gangs” Still Exist. No, They Didn’t Attack a Man in New York"

You can read it yourself at the link above.  Hopefully you will see as I did that their argument is basically that "Hollywood Stuntz" is not technically a motorcycle gang, and therefore a "Motorcycle gang" did not attack a man in New York.  But that the Bandidos and Hells Angels and others like that, are the true and only real motorcycle gangs.  Therefore motorcycle gangs, though they still exist, did not attack a man in New York.

This attitude really gets at the heart of the public's misunderstanding about motorcycle gangs.  Slate puts a picture on their article, of a Bandido member wearing their colours on the back of his jacket.  I have already pointed out that the Bandidos are a criminal gang that does not require motorcycle ownership, or any ability to ride a motorcycle, to join up. Their central activity is crime, motorcycling is an optional sideline. The Hells Angels criminal activities rarely if ever involve motorcycles any more.  And it has been like this for some 30 years now, where groups of people riding motorcycles, even if they are criminals in real life, are not aggressively trying to terrorize ordinary citizens, and in fact are pointedly polite while riding.  (Maybe some cases to not draw attention to their criminal activities, I suppose).  While doing crime, they drive around in cars, SUV's vans, Escalades etc., with not a motorcycle in sight.

The Hollywood Stuntz, even though they do not ride "Harleys" with ape hangers, and do not wear black leather jackets with chains, or Nazi insignia, are still the original definition of a gang of motorcycle riders.  And while riding motorcycles, they do terrorizing people.  That is why people still hate  motorcycle gangs, although the criminal so-called "motorcycle" gangs have moved on to drugs and guns and prostitution. They are still remembered for the bad old days when they acted like the Hollywood Stuntz do today.  Any motorcycling the Hells Angels do is now very polite, safe and reflects well on the motorcycle community.  So all semantics aside about whether or not Hollywood Stuntz are a "real" motorcycle gang, they are a gang of people riding motorcycles going crazy, threatening and beating up people.  And this is not the only time this type of behaviour has happened with this type of crowd.  And if history is any judge, it will reflect badly on all motorcyclists.

In the video above, you will see a Prius being surrounded.  Apparently one biker reached into the window, the driver rolled up the window on the hand, and the outside mirrors were knocked off in retaliation.

In Port Dover Ontario, we can have a hundred thousand motorcycle riders show up Friday 13 without any of the stupidity I see in this video, let alone attacking a car driver.  How long until we get some idiot copy cats riding motorcycles wanting to duplicate the feats they see on Youtube?

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