Friday, May 17, 2013

The End for America is Now in Sight

Finally after six years of back-to-back Obama scandals, I realize the right wing people are not nut jobs.  It looks like they were right all along.

A few days ago, there was a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Turkey and President Obama of the United States.  During the conference, there was a light drizzle of rain. Obama forced two US Marines to hold umbrellas: one over his own head, and the other over the head of the Turkish state.  To me, this was an insignificant act.  The marines were standing around doing nothing anyway.  It's not like they were busy at the time rescuing the U.S. Ambassador in Benghazi.  No no, they were just standing around listening to a bunch of stupid questions being fielded by Obama and the Turkish guy.  They were probably hoping the rain would intensify enough to call off the whole thing.

But I was wrong.  This was not insignificant. What I did not know, was that no US president had ever asked a Marine to hold an umbrella over his head during a press conference - other than Obama.  And it was not the first time for Obama either.  The linked video clearly shows pictures of various Presidents holding their own umbrellas, and other pictures of Obama getting marines to hold his umbrella.

Now for the true insult of this seemingly small act.  If you didn't notice yourself, don't be embarrassed.  It means you are probably not from the Southern U.S. Many Canadians, like me, will miss this too.  Here is the clue: Look at the skin colour of the two men.  The one holding the umbrella is white, the one having the umbrella held over him is black. Therein lies the insult to real Americans (i.e. Southerners).

The true American way to do this, and one that would not have raised a single eyebrow south of Cincinnati and East of Waco Texas, would have been for the white guy to be the President of the USA, and the black guy to be the Marine holding the umbrella.

This umbrella thing was Obama's plan all along.  Health Care was a mere diversion. Killing Osama Bin Laden, a smoke screen.  Boosting the Dow Jones from 7,000 to 15,000 in six years was a red herring.  The hidden plan was to humiliate the white race by making them hold umbrellas for black people, thus destroying the real America.  There is no going back. Real Americans will have to reluctantly, and with heavy hearts, begin gearing up for the second Civil War  (or as real Americans prefer to call it:  "the Second War Between the States" or  "Second War for Southern Independence" or  "Second War of Northern Aggression".) And finally, Al Quaida's plan will be complete: America torn apart just like they destroyed the Soviet Union back in 1990.  All their thanks go to Obama.

An outsiders opinion (from Nigeria)

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  1. Sheesh! With all the real issues facing the U.S. at the moment, people are getting all exercised about this?

    Small wonder things are in such a mess. How about some perspective, folks?

  2. I would take it from your location that you are either a Liberal or NDP voter. Not to be offensive,just trying to get your mindset in perspective. You probably don't have friends or relatives in the Armed Forces,and with the size of our Forces, I would think that you haven't served yourself,either......Now that conjectoring is over, the big reason there is a fuss in the States over this seemingly petty act is that it is a minor slap in the face to Military protocol..Especially with a military with a long established code of conduct. Most of the fuss is from milbloggers who are a little annoyed by Obama's well known contempt for his military.......As for the last part of your remarks,well if that's your real feelings and not a bad attempt at snarkiness,I suggest you do some homework and study a few write-ups on say,Reverend Wright's sermons(Big O's pastor for 20 years)or the New Black Panther Party,or the Black Congressional Congress or which Party had a very,very long term member who was an actual ex(really)Klansman. Or check to see what Party the Klan was formed to be the militant arm of?.......And as a desert,just check out what some of the perviousley mentioned groups have to say about their fellow African Americans who dare to leave the plantation and advocate self reliance, responsiblity, and smaller government......And as a final note,just take a drive down most any Reserve here,before starting to critisize anywhere else in North America. Big Government has really done well for some people,but unless you're related to the Band council or Chief,lottsa luck......Just some points to ponder,thanks..Allan Kenny

    1. Thanks for your comment, which I believe deserves an honest answer. You are correct that my blog was a bit sarcastic. And the last part, were my eelings about the USA having another civil about Obama. I am referring to Texas Governor Rick Perry talking about seceding from the Union - and Sarah Palin's husband being a member of the Alaska Independence party, and I assume there are a number of other people who also feel that the answer to the Democrats regime is to split up the USA. If they are just bluffing in order to bring down Obama, that's fine. I think it's dumb to bluff like that, but that's freedom of speech, eh? If they are serious, they are playing a no-win game, not on any real principles, but because they have been duped by Fox News and a lot of other right wing organizations. Sorry, not a no-win game, as the winners will actually be Al-Quaida.

      Now an honest answer about me. Some of this is in other blog entries, but I don't expect you to read all 800 of them to find out more about me. I have voted Conservative twice Federally, if "Progressive" Conservatives count. I approve of some conservative ideas, but not with the mindless extremism I find in the Republicans/Born Again Christians in the USA.

      I am not in the Armed Forces, I have never been in the Armed Forces. I also do not consider being in the armed forces a prerequisite to give my opinion when people need to be straightened out before everybody ends up suffering. But if I need to establish my credibility with the military in order to speak, my father served in combat in Europe in WW2 in France and Holland, in the Canadian Army. My mother's family lost their home in a Nazi bombing raid in England (Not sure if that counts, but it was kind of like she was in combat during a war). I have a friend from high school who recently retired from being a pilot in the Canadian Air Force. I have a nephew in the Canadian Army who served two tours in Afghanistan, but maybe that does not count because he was not in combat operations. (I'm not sure what your criteria would be for giving my opinion, or what this has to do with my relatives, but you did ask). I spent three years in Africa with the Canadian University Service Overseas, teaching at a high school. I'm not sure that's worth anything in this context, because I was not doing any military training. But the organization does have "Service" in the name, so I think it is possible to "serve" while not shooting anybody.

      So you say

      "it is a minor slap in the face to Military protocol..Especially with a military with a long established code of conduct. Most of the fuss is from milbloggers who are a little annoyed by Obama's well known contempt for his military"

      May I remind you that General Patton literally slapped an American soldier in the face in WW2? Things like that happen in the military. If you want to make a big deal about a Marine holding an umbrella for the "Commander in Chief" of the US military for a few minutes, then you need to get real about a lot of what goes on in the military. If, as you say, there really is "a long established code of conduct", and that code really said "No holding umbrellas for the Commander in Chief", then I guess you might have a point. But there was no such statement in the code of conduct. That's why the Marine held the umbrella and was not court martialed for his actions afterwards.

    2. Sorry if my remarks about being in the Forces came off as an insult. I haven't served myself,but I grew up in the Comox Valley where there is an active airbase(CFB Comox) and I grew up with and had friends who were either in the Forces,or whose family were..My point I failed to make (and should have rephrased)was that MOST Canadians don't or haven't had a lot of interaction with any form of military.......As for the Marine holding the umbrella,most of the bitching from milbloggers was the protocols of some part of the uniform dress code,and was more to due with Obama's lack of respect for people under his command..I agree that marine private is not going to refuse his or her,Commander in Chief..........As for another war of seccesion, except for a handfull of real extremists,that is mostly a lot of minor growling trying to wake up the Democrats that perhaps "fundemental change" towards a socialistic welfare state,isn't the best idea ever to come out of Washington. Politicians of both stripes are going to say things to appeal to their voter base and Texas(in paticular) has a wide independant streak. . I myself,tend to be centre right,and am finding the older I get ,the sillier the left wing seems. And to wrap it up,I do get a little annoyed with my fellow Canadians when we preen ourselves over other countries treatment of minorities,so I will stand on my last parts of the comments but add that,yes the US had and still does,have a racial problem. But a lot of progress has been made and still more will be made.I have a lot of faith in the US to pull itself together because,to put it real bluntly,watching the end of the Roman Empire might make a good History Channel mini-series or book,but it's gonna be real uncomfortable living next door to it......Thank You ,Al Kenny

    3. As I read over your comment, I noticed that I agree with many things you say. But in general, I get my information from "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart", so I guess that means I'm sympathising with the left wing these days. I have watched Fox News from time to time, but I find they are often proven wrong, and they have a very argumentative tone that I find tiring. And I simply can't listen to Rush Limbaugh for any length of time.