Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Actually, Harper's Resemblance to George W Bush is More Disappointing

Recently Stephen Harper, Canada's Prime Minister expressed his disappointment over opposition leader Nycole Turmel's one time membership in the "Bloc Quebecois" political party. Apparently Conservatives think the Bloc is a party of traitors to Canada.

Here is a news article from the Toronto Star on this subject

“It’s most disappointing, it’s disappointing for me,” the Prime Minister said in French at a press conference Wednesday. He said other Canadians will also be disappointed by the revelations about Turmel’s political affiliations.

“I think Canadians expect that any political party that wants to govern the country be unequivocally committed to this country,” Harper told reporters as he switched to English. “I think that’s the minimum Canadians expect.”

Actually Stephen is right and wrong at the same time. Yes, as a Canadian I expect politicians to be committed to this country. But my disappointment is not with the Bloc Quebecois, or any of their members. It is with Harper and his Conservatives for turning Canada from a well respected country to a disgraceful imitation of the worst America has to offer. Even Harper's denunciation of Nycole Turmel for being a "Card carrying" --(fill in the blank)-- has creepy overtones of Senator Joseph McCarthy's anti-communist witch hunts.

Harper has turned Canada from a leader in human rights to an abuser. He has turned the Canadian military from peacekeepers to invaders. He has turned over vast areas of Canada's wilderness to American Oil company's tar sands destruction. The real traitor to Canada is not the Bloc Quebecois, it is the greedy gun-toting US-style conservatives who care nothing about social justice, the environment, peace, democracy or Canadian traditions.

So Stephen, if you can read this, I am one Canadian who is not disappointed in the leader of the opposition. I am disappointed in you. The sooner you are voted out, the better it will be for the Canada that I knew and liked.

Not that it really matters to Stephen or Senator McCarthy I guess, but Nycole Turmel does not actually support separatism.

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  1. Of course Harper's comments are sleazy, misleading and self-serving.

    Personally, I think the piece by Michael Taube (a former Harper speech writer!) in today's Ottawa Citizen pretty much sums it up: Turmel in the BQ? Big deal.