Thursday, August 11, 2011

Motorcycle Humour, Funny or Not

Mary Ann received an email joke today that she forwarded to "The Lost Motorcyclist" (me). I will put a link to the joke here, in case you want to read it first. This blog is actually about the discussion we had after I read the joke on the computer.

I did laugh, I tried not to, I couldn't help it. She said "That's impossible, motorcycles can't start when they're in gear."

I said, "First, the reason most motorcycles will not start in gear is because they have a lockout switch to disable the starter unless you are in neutral and/or have the brakes applied. Motorcycles up to the early 1970's had no lockouts, the owner's manual simply told you not to start them in gear. Second of all it's not a true story anyway, it's a joke."

"Couldn't the guy smell the gasoline in the toilet before flicking a lighted cigarette in there?"

"Maybe he didn't have a sense of smell."

"Why would somebody clean a bike with gasoline?"

"Well is does dissolve the grease really well, but on the down side it tends to blow up unexpectedly."

"How do you know how well it dissolves grease? You would never be so stupid as to clean your bike with gasoline, would you?"

"No, never! Well, not recently."

"And what about using gasoline in the house?"

"Of course not."

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  1. Oh, that's a variation on a very old joke.

    The version I heard (many decades ago) had the guy in the bathroom, shaving in the buff, when the cat took a swipe at the poor guy's organ ... resulting in him falling into the bathtub, breaking some bones, and the ambulance attendants dropping his stretcher as they heard what had happened.

    However, gasoline (no doubt as the most handy explosive in most households) makes its appearance in countless tales including, of course, many of the candidates for Darwin Awards.