Sunday, August 11, 2013

Conservative Theory that Trudeau is Going for the Stoner Vote

Stoner Kitty

I began to read this opinion piece online from the "Star Phoenix", and before the first paragraph was done, I was already getting that "right wing nutjob" vibe from the author, Les MacPherson.

I didn't know this until I checked the internet, but yes, the Saskatoon Star Phoenix is owned by the same group as the right wing National Post.  So there is a good chance this is purposeful conservative propaganda.

Breaking down the article to its basic arguments and assumptions:

- Justin Trudeau (Liberal Leader) is promising to legalize pot in order to capture the all important stoner vote.

- Stoners will hate legalization, (if it happens) as government meddling will make pot more expensive and less appealing.

- Dealers will hate legalization, as they will be put out of business by excessive government regulation and taxing.

- Trudeau will not legalize marijuana anyway, he is only lying.  Hypocritical liberal governments do more marijuana busts than conservative governments.

- Conclusion: Trudeau should wait until the US legalizes marijuana before doing anything.

- Recommendation (implied): Don't vote for Trudeau, as he is a hypocrite and a Socialist, (if that is not too redundant)

Seems like an inoffensive article, but there are some underlying right-wing assumptions that I do not accept.

- The negative stereotyping and use of the pejorative name stoner.  Why are conservatives always stereotyping people????  OOOPS now I'm stereotyping.  Anyway, it's true.

- The assumption that all the people who want marijuana legalized are stoners, and only stoners want marijuana legalized.  That is not true, as many "non-stoners" believe that decriminalizing marijuana will boost our economy.  (a non-stoner is the opposite of what a stoner is supposed to be in this article, I have no other definition for it).

- The assumption that if the government gets involved in the marijuana business, things will fall apart.  This is dumb, even from a conservative free market point of view.  OK, we need a short lesson in right wing free enterprise.  ILLEGAL activities are not free enterprise.  LEGAL activities are not automatically "government run". By Les MacPherson's logic, black market gasoline would be cheaper and more potent than legal pump gas. I don't think so.

- Les's conclusion is typical of your basic Canadian Conservative:  Wait until the US does it, on the assumption that, except for Obama, the US is always right.


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  1. In his most recent column (10 August, StarPhoenix) MacPherson is big enough to admit that, 'I sometimes don't have a clue.'

    The specific arguments MacPherson makes about legalization are almost irrelevant. Trudeau is a political creature, and he will no doubt swing with the trends.

    So, your first rebuttal point is well taken ... popular opinion has now clearly swung in the direction of legalization. This is not about courting those 'all-important' stoners; it is about recognizing that polls indicate the majority of Canadians no longer have a problem with legalization.

    But I really must cry, 'Bullshit!' on MacPherson's contention that, ' Liberals have for decades ... presided over more [pot] busts than any other party.'

    Now if that isn't an egregious example of right-wing bald-faced prevarication?! Fact: Since the Conservatives took office in 2006, marijuana possession busts have increased by over 40%.

    Has MacPherson not been paying attention? Has he not noticed the Conservatives' 'Law and Order' agenda? Has he not noticed that Stephen Harper is doing stuff around marijuana laws?

    Spark up, MacPherson ... mellow out ;-)