Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Dutton Chronicles

Visiting my mother in Dutton, I came across an interesting article in the local paper, coincidentally named the Dutton Chronicle.
According to the article by Patrick Brennan, Lloyd Jarvis, an employee of the local water system was jailed for falsifying chlorine levels in Dutton's drinking water.
Up to now, my biggest story about Dutton was the biker slaughter a few years ago. Nobody died in this water quality incident, but back in the year 2000, seven people died in Walkerton, Ontario, from tainted water. It was such a big scandal, that it's hard to believe that another water works employee would be hard at work fudging chlorine records only a few years later in a different Ontario county.
I found the story online in the London Free Press, and the Toronto Star, by Googling Lloyd Jarvis Elgin. West Elgin is the area affected, and Lloyd is the person who was handed a fine and jail sentence on January 4, 2013.
Although nobody died in this case, you still have to wonder how it could happen in a place small enough that almost everyone knows everyone else and their brother.

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