Monday, August 23, 2010

Why A Mosque Must Be Built at Ground Zero Now

Just a reminder, I am not a Muslim, I do not use mosques at all, and I don't live near enough to NY city to use a mosque at ground zero anyway. But now after a public outcry against it, a mosque has to be built there.

Almost every time I hear someone explaining the case against building the mosque, the basic reason is because the Muslims are responsible for 9/11. This point of view seems to be gaining momentum, because shortly after 9/11, even George W. Bush did not try to blame Muslims in general, just a few extremists, and possibly some governments in that part of the world. (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan etc.)

Now the noose of blame is tightening around the neck of the Muslim religion.

What should the Muslims do? Quietly move their mosque somewhere else, in respect for the victims and survivors of 9/11? Or should they demand that they be allowed freedom of religion, and go ahead and build the mosque?

I would recommend that they go ahead and build the mosque, and if they are prevented by law, to fight as hard as they can (peacefully of course) against that ruling. If they are prevented from building it, or forced to move, they must challenge it loudly every step of the way. And never give up the fight.

Anything else will be seen by the American people as an admission of guilt by Muslims for causing 9/11.

Pat Robertson blamed homosexuals for 9/11. What if homosexuals decided to build a gay bar 2 blocks from ground zero, and there was a public outcry against it because it was a "slap in the face to victims"? Would it be a good idea for them to withdraw quietly and build far away? No, because that would in effect be saying, "Yes, we admit it we caused 9/11 with our homosexual ways". And you can be pretty sure that is how a percentage of the American population would eventually come to see it.

Some people blamed Israel for 9/11. Would Jews be willing to shift their Synagogues a few blocks away to avoid further controversy?

Another example of backing down from a threat, this one real, not hypothetical. Toyota recalled millions of vehicles because of a fatal accident where an accelerator pedal was stuck under a floor mat. The proper response from Toyota would have been to say "It was driver error, because, in the event a throttle gets stuck, all drivers should know how to turn off the engine or shift into neutral, or use the brakes to effectively stop the car." The very most they should have done was to refund the price of the floor mat.

But instead of taking an aggressive position, Toyota submissively recalled millions of cars for "repairs", which sealed their fate in the minds of Americans. The public thinking was "If there was nothing wrong with the cars, why did they recall millions of them?" Words to that effect were said over and over again. Toyota should have fought that recall every step of the way. The recall was the same as a confession of guilt. "Yes, we deliberately produced a rolling death trap, we are so very sorry, please punish us in any way you can".

In Nazi Germany the Jews thought that by going along with the laws to prevent them from going to school or from doing business, that they would avoid conflict and more suffering. Instead they went quietly, which convinced the German people that Hitler was right: The Jews did indeed betray Germany in WW1. And in the end, you know what happened there. The Germans decided that the Jews were guilty of treason, and if they got rid of the Jews, obviously they could win WW2.

The lesson is this: if others accuse you of a horrendous crime, it is better to go down fighting than to quietly abandon your rights.


  1. 'Religious' tolerance?

    The privileges of being classed as religion should be withdrawn from Islam.

    If Hitler had claimed that 'Mein Kampf' was dictated by God, would we be forced to tolerate the Nazi Party as a religion? Islam is first and foremost a mind-destroying, totalitarian political ideology that spreads through the Body Politic like a virus.

    Winston Churchill gave the correct diagnosis over a century ago, when he compared Islam to a contagious virus or meme - 'as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog'

    Consequently, Islam should be reclassified from 'RELIGION' to 'PUBLIC MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM' - a virulent contagious mental illness. It could then be contained by the methods used to prevent the spread of typhoid and other lethal epidemics: enforced exclusion and quarantine of carriers, eradication of foci of infection, immunization of the susceptible population etc.

  2. Well at first I was going to say "I trust you are not suggesting we send Muslims to the gas chambers." But then I read your blog.

    Supporting the Democrats is also a "Public Mental Health Problem". Do you want Democrats and Muslims both to be in the same classification?

  3. The amount of vituperation around this 'Park51' project simply amazes me. The display of prejudice, gross misunderstanding and plain and simple hate-mongering is alarming.

    First of all, this project is neither a mosque, per se, nor is at 'Ground Zero.' It is only one of hundreds of buildings in a densely populated part of Manhattan, an area that already contains several mosques.

    And the World Trade Center was not destroyed by Muslims; it was attacked by the terrorist group, Al-Qaeda. The fact that the membership of Al-Qaeda (not to mention much of its bizarre ideology) is largely Muslim does not confer collective guilt on all Muslims.

    Any more than attacks by ETA or the IRA conferred collective guilt on Roman Catholics, or the atrocities of Aum Shinrikyo on all Buddhists, or the activities of Babbar Khalsa on all Sikhs.

    But Americans always seem to need some group to hate and, now that the Communist block has collapsed, it would appear that 'the Muslims' are the new scapegoats.

    The political right, quick to appeal to Americans' baser emotions, must accept a lot of the blame. It would appear that their propaganda has even been successful enough to persuade the majority of Republicans that President Obama is a Muslim.