Wednesday, August 18, 2010

T-Shirts That Annoy Me

I have not been to the USA since they tightened border security to require passports. So I don't know if people actually wear t-shirts like this. But apparently somebody thinks they want to and is willing to make a buck off it.

Also on this web page: "If you ask me to press 1 for English I hang up!" With slogans like this you really should have the English language spell checker on before you upload your page. For example: "Ah, it's so much fun being right, isn't it? A histerical t-shirt for conservative right wingers. Only found here at"

Apparently some conservatives think it annoys Liberals to work hard and live free. I don't get it, except as a not so subtle propaganda statement that liberals always live off welfare, while conservatives always seem to get the hard-working jobs. If you're hard at work stamping out dumb t-shirts all day long, well, just go ahead and knock yourself out. Why should I even care? And why should you care how hard I work at my job, unless you're my boss.

But if you're a CEO raking in 30 million a year in a defence or oil industry, wearing that t-shirt, yes, that kind of annoys me. Start by paying your fair share of taxes! How can people take that much money, while the government sinks into debt paying for wars that in turn make profits for defence industries and oil corporations.

Now how do you annoy a Conservative? Be born anything but white or Christian. Pay your fair share of taxes.

Here's another shirt: "White, straight, Republican, male (How else can I piss you off today)

Obviously, by also being an Evangelical Fundamentalist. Actually the most annoying part of this is that it is apparently a Canadian website. We can't even vote for the Republican party in Canada. And furthermore she is apparently a straight white male? Yes, that actually is beginning to piss me off. I thought she/he was female.

Wait a minute, is he/she even white? Is this Canadian organization cranking out the conservative t-shirts with a shop full of illegal migrant workers where nobody even speaks English? By the way, it might be photoshopped, but if so I didn't do it.


  1. T-shirts and bumper stickers ... the voice of political 'dialog' these days :-(

    It strikes me that a lot of those people espousing those intolerant and simplistic platitudes must be very frightened souls indeed. I find it difficult to understand how someone who proclaims their need to 'Live free' can countenance the significant losses of civil liberties over the past decade.

    Perhaps John Stuart Mill was pretty close to the mark when he wrote, 'Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservative.'

  2. Perhaps a bit off-topic, but still in keeping with the subject of the results of generally disseminated propaganda.

    I was shocked and appalled this morning to read that the respected Pew Research Centre finds that, 'Roughly a third of conservative Republicans (34%) say Obama is a Muslim'.

    That belief, of course, is simply absurd, and cannot arise from anything but the hate mongering of the right wing noise machine.

    Now, it's virtually impossible to demonstrate scientifically that these perceptions are a result of an ongoing propaganda campaign by the right wing, but it's worth digging into the details of this PEW report.

    Question 58.a was open-ended and read, 'And how did you learn about Barack Obama’s religion?.' The overwhelming response was some form of 'the media.'

    (No, no one appears to have indicated that they'd learned this from a t-shirt. ;-)