Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Does Conrad Black Need More Time to Recuperate?

I have never agreed with many of Conrad Black's ideas. Giving up his Canadian citizenship to take a title of Lord in England, summarizes the differences between him and me. But up till now, I had always thought of him as an intellectual, someone who could write well, and researched their ideas. But recently I read this article of his in the National Post "Four Ideas for a Better Canada and a Better World", and I think he is beginning to unravel mentally. Here is the link.

I will take the liberty of summarizing in my own words. Read it for yourself in case I am distorting his ideas.

  1. The Canadian government can make money by investing in Chrysler Corporation [instead of taxing the rich]. He didn't mention not taxing the rich in this article, but in "How to revive the Liberal Party" from a few days ago. I simply connected the dots.
  2. Encourage immigration from white countries instead of brown or black countries.
  3. Make Haiti a joint protectorate of Canada and the USA. That way we can put an end to Haitian piracy and stop the pirates from cutting all the trees in Haiti to build ships. And he calls Cuba a "Stalinist sex slave emporium".
  4. Don't incarcerate non-violent offenders if they don't steal as much as Bernie Madoff. i.e Conrad Black

I would normally try to explain what is wrong with these ideas, but I think in this case, I would simply recommend that Conrad get some rest, maybe being in jail in Florida was too much for him.


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  1. I read Black's column three times before I (think I) got the gist of it.

    I've not read much of Black's material on previous occasions, but found this article somewhat meandering and disorganized and trust that the National Post is not paying Black any significant fees for this stuff.

    My impression is that Black mailed this in and could have spent some time polishing it, rather than forcing his readers to strain their brains to extract meaning from it.

    '... and especially relatively assimilable immigration' ... 'a program of providing Canadian citizenship to qualified Haitians.'

    'Qualified Haitians' are the 'assimilable' ones? Huh?