Monday, January 10, 2011

A Roll Pack for the Vulcan doubles as a Rider Backrest

Recently I admitted that I was looking for accessories for my Vulcan 900 LT. I would like a rider backrest, but Mary Ann was adding up year end expenses and she thought I was spending too much money on restaurant meals. So I decided that since I preferred to eat, I would do without the backrest. But then I found a way to get a backrest without paying an arm and a leg. Instead of $700 for a Mustang seat, or $350 for a chrome backrest only, I found something for $35 at the International Motorcycle Super Show in Toronto. It was a black leather (or vinyl) roll pack for the sissy bar, and I found one in black, studded to match the existing seat/bags/backrest.

My plan for the roll pack was to attach it in front of the sissy bar, and use whatever pads or spacers were necessary to make it provide back support for me while riding.

I could actually make a backrest with any old bag bungied to the back seat, but then it looks like I am loaded down for a long trip across America, and it is embarrassing to admit to other bikers that I have only been 90 km. from home. Also, all other bags look ratty. This one looks almost like part of the bike.

The roll pack also has some other advantages over other bags. It will hold a real DOT approved helmet, and I can turn the pack around and hang it off the back of the sissy bar in case I need to give someone a ride. This happens every ten years or so, that's why I need to be ready. Also, in case someone steals my regular helmet off the bike while I'm at Tim Horton's, I have something to ride home with.

Next, I need to fabricate a pad in front of the roll pack, because the roll pack all by itself is about 5-10 cm too far back for me.

I have decided on my new years' resolution regarding accessories, as a compromise with my restaurant expenses. For 2011, I resolve to only buy motorcycle accessories that I can eat. They don't have to be nutritious, but it does rule out big chrome stuff. I'm sure could eat leather if I had to.

Picture: Here is the Vulcan, and it has not been able to get out of this spot since November. There is a block of foam in front of the roll pack as a pad for the backrest. It seems to be about the right size, just needs a black vinyl bag to put it in with a loop at the top to keep it in place.

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  1. You write, 'There is a block of foam in front of the roll pack ... just needs a black vinyl bag to put it in ...'

    No, no ... time to borrow Mary Ann's sewing machine and do a proper job of stitching up a cover for that pad.

    Don't forget the studs! ;-)